Ecological Education Center

Ecological Education Center
The Ecological Education Center (EEC) is an institution of the National University of Mongolia (NUM) and was founded in 1957 as a “Center for Young Scientists”. With a wealth of experience of more than 55 years in Environmental Education and as the only national organization in this field, we consider ourselves as a major player in the implementation of ‘Education for Sustainable Development’ in Mongolia. Being an institute of the NUM, we are in constant update with recent developments in environmental science knowledge; to spread this knowledge in an intelligible and interesting form to the children, young people and to the public, is our greatest concern.

Existing problems in the field of environmental education in Mongolia
We want to confront incorrect and irresponsible handling of environment in Mongolia, which was partly caused by loss of traditional nature closeness and love due to urbanization in recent years. These problems can be permanently resolved only when the youth of today are made to understand about the impact of their daily activities on the environment and a basic public environmental awareness is restored.
Within the city of Ulaanbaatar, there are virtually no green areas and the children have no chance to have touch with nature. However environmental awareness can be generated amongst the urban-dwellers only when the children and young people are acquainted with nature and also learn how to interact with the environment.
The motivated team of EEC has a wide experience on environmental education.
As a sustainable future is possible only in a global context, our cooperation with international partners is of particular importance to us.

Propositions of the EEC
The EEC owns a small ecological and zoological museum, a small nature experience garden and a greenhouse for interactive teaching and learning. We are trying to make this infrastructure as a place of interactive environmental learning for our visitors.
Our interactive learning programmes for different age groups aim to generate awareness amongst children and young people and cultivate interests in nature, motivate them and empower learners to change their behaviour and take action for sustainable development. Beyond that, we offer professional trainings for school teachers, experts of governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as environmental trainings upon request of other organizations.
The EEC is dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge on public environmental awareness and education, with focus on various environmental topics not only in Ulaanbaatar, but is also responsible for implementing projects in other parts of the country. Our children targeted work is enhanced through the broadcasting of TV programmes, which makes the knowledge transfer possible not only in Ulaanbaatar but also in the countryside.

EEC Team