Learning stations

Learning stations for school groups
Our main concern is to make nature experience enjoyable for children and young people and awaken their curiosity and response through: Enjoying by learning, learning by doing and experiencing the nature with all senses. Our learning stations like Travel of seeds, Quartet, Inhabitants of forest etc. and our interactive programmes provide guests the opportunity to learn in details about various natural processes and current global environmental problems using motivating learning materials and experiencing nature with all senses. This concept of teaching, learning and adventure program for a basic environmental education is new in Mongolia and thus also innovative.
According to age, interests and prior knowledge of the group, we adapt our programs and set different thematic focus. We are inviting all interested parties to arrange with us appointments to experience the nature. The tours of our learning stations are arranged for a small fee.


We organize guided tours for up to 200 persons in the nature. For more information, please contact us. Tel.: 88829313