Programs for organizations and adult groups

Trainings and seminars
In cooperation with teachers and scientists from the NUM we organize trainings for school teachers in subjects like Ecology and Biotechnology. Furthermore we offer trainings and seminars on topics such as Eco-schools, Environmental management and Environmental safety for different interested groups from governmental organizations and NGO’s. Upon request, we are always happy to offer trainings on other environmental topics.

Guided tours

We offer guided tours for kindergarten, school classes and adult groups in our museum, greenhouse and in the garden. We are inviting teachers and parents to arrange an appointment with us and to give the kids a chance to closely explore the nature. The guided tours are arranged for a small fee.

Ecological and zoological museum
In our museum, we present more than 300 stuffed animals to showcase our guests the Mongolian wildlife, such as birds and mammals. The collections are classified according to their habitats.
We are working to integrate into the museum various interactive elements to make it more attractive and interesting for children.

Teaching and learning greenhouse
In addition to a variety of indoor plants, we offer in our teaching and learning greenhouse, learning stations for our guests that answer questions like: Why have different flowers different forms? What process takes place in compost? What are the special characteristics of succulents? How busy are the earthworms? Here the guests get all the answers and much more!
There are different plants for sale in our greenhouse. We also plant culinary herbs in our greenhouse. We advise on topics of gardening, plant care and also offer individual trainings.

Nature – experience garden
Our nature-experience garden, although quite small with only 0.9 ha, forms a small oasis in the middle of the city. At present, the garden is home to over 3500 trees and bushes of 30 different species. Each year, the garden is enriched with a new species. The opportunity to see native tree species in one place, and our recently established learning stations “Barefoot Path” and “Animal long jump” in our garden allow our guests to experience nature directly and intensively through all senses. Our small garden is not only a place to learn and experience, but also a place to relax from the hectic life of the city.
We also give information on specific requirements of different tree species and organize tree exhibitions during every spring and autumn.

We organize guided tours for up to 200 persons in the nature. For more information, please contact us. Tel.: 88829318